Campus Amenities


TEK Park tenants enjoy a variety of services and amenities including fitness center and hiking trails, on-site daycare, conferencing center, helipad, cafeteria dining and catering, on-site security, and on-site maintenance.

Daycare Center

TEK Park features on-site daycare nestled in the back of the park in a secluded grassy and wooded area. The classrooms are quaint and full of character. The Active Learning Center has hours each weekday from 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM, and programs for the following: young toddlers, toddlers, pre-school, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, before and after school, summer camp and snow days. Visit for more information.

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Fitness Center and Health Options

In addition to a full-range health and fitness gym, TEK Park features a 1.5 mile track circling the campus for jogging, walking and biking. Tenants are also free to enjoy basketball and volleyball courts and picnic areas throughout the campus.

Security 24/7

TEK Park campus has 24 hour /7-days per week access control and security monitoring. In addition, all buildings throughout the campus are secured with card readers, which provide electronic access to predetermined areas.


An on-site helipad is available for convenient and secure accessibility to TEK Park. The Lehigh Valley International Airport is a 7-minute flight from TEK Park.

Conference Center

TEK Park features conferencing services available for tenants and the general public. A large auditorium accommodates seating for over 200. Several state-of the art video conferencing rooms are available for meetings and conferences. Reserve a conference room {Link to Section VI. Reserve a Conference Room}.

Cafeteria and On-site Catering

Cafeteria and On-Site Catering by American Café is open daily from 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM for dining and catering upon request. Soups, salads, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, snacks, beverages available daily. Hot Lunch specials on Tuesday s and Thursdays.


TekPark offers its tenants a wide range of services for telephone and data. Tenants are able to choose the carrier of their choice or may purchase network and telephone services directly from the campus.

TekPark has fiber optic cable onsite from Verizon, Service Electric and Windsteam. Tenants may, if they choose to do so, purchase data services and telephone services from their favorite provider, at whatever bandwidth rates they desire and negotiate the terms and conditions directly with their provider, and even bring their own equipment to the campus.

TEK Park Campus offers internet and telephone over the TEK Park network for those tenants who prefer a simple no contract solution to their telephone and internet needs. The Campus telephone system provides for direct dial numbers, caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling and voice mail. Handsets are provided by TEK Park and can be setup in a very short period of time. The Campus offers basic low cost analog lines for modem and fax machines.

If you need services not currently provided, TEK Park will work with you and your provider to bring those services to the campus.

Campus Utilities and Data

TEK Park campus features state-of-the-art, advanced technology, including the following.


  • Two independent 69 KV lines with double-ended switchgear
  • Redundant 12 MVA substation transformers
  • System backup provided by six 2,000 KW Cummins generators to match redundant 12 MVA substations
  • PPL utility discount provided via an IDI Rider
  • Sub-metered electric with current rate approximately $.07 KWH


  • Redundant oil and gas fuel supply
  • Seven independent Trane chillers, providing 5,800 tons of cooling capacity with two 250 ton glycol chillers
  • 40◦F chilled water capacity Glycol
  • Dual source boilers supply 125 PSIG steam to the campus for 15 lb. reduction and low pressure steam distribution for heating requirements
  • High purity DI water
  • On-site waste treatment plant
  • Compressed air system
  • On-site nitrogen gas distribution
  • Siemens APOGEE Direct Digital Control Building Automation System


  • 6” natural gas line extended to the campus by UGI
  • Extension of the gas line to the campus enables the main boilers to be fueled by either natural gas or number two fuel oil
  • As a result of having two dual source boilers, the gas service transportation provider (UGI) extends interruptible service pricing to TEK Park


  • Multiple OC-12 connections
  • Multiple-provider, redundant SONET fiber network with diverse entrances
  • 100% fully-redundant bandwidth


  • Campus outfitted with Avaya G3 telephone switch with Avaya Intuity Audix Systems for voicemail
  • Switch is capable of handling up to 3500 extensions

Feature Showcase

Keystone Innovation Zone

An added component of the technology campus is the presence of Kutztown University as tenant and sponsoring university in the Greater Berks Keystone Innovation Zone (“KIZ”), which inclusion was awarded to TEK Park by the Pennsylvania State Department of Community and Economic Development. The KIZ is a designated zone that is established in communities that host institutions of higher education - colleges, universities, junior colleges and technical schools. These zones are designed to foster innovation and create entrepreneurial opportunities. They do this by gathering and aligning the combined resources of educational institutions, private businesses, business support organizations, commercial lending institutions, venture capital networks (including angel investors) and foundations. The KIZ affords resident tenants of TEK Park certain research and development tax credits, along with R&D grants, training grants, internships, faculty utilization, and a host of other benefits.